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An opportunity for Trek

(I have added explicit credit to Bicycle Retailer for this story)

According to Bicycle Retailer, Trek has hired a new marketing guy. I wonder if he's blog savvy? I'm sure he reads blogs, but does he really understand them?

I hope he's at marketing meetings, pounding on the table, telling everyone how they should lead the way in the bike industry with a blogging plan. He should be telling his bosses that Trek could build some serious brand equity and momentum with bike enthusiasts by embracing the blogosphere and joining in a direct conversation with their dealers, reps, partners, customers, and prospects.

The "View from Waterloo" was a good try, but it's not a blog.

Will Trek take the lead and become the first mega-brand to jump into the blogosphere? And, if they do, will they do it right? Or will they miss the mark and cement even further their reputation as a big, corporate brand that's more concerned with taking over the world than connecting with their customers.

Trek should identify 2 or 3 key employees and/or brand evangelists, get them up to speed on blogging and let them loose with a new Trek blog.


At 2:47 AM, June 14, 2005, Blogger fixedgear said...

They are gonna need something. Looks like the market for Postal/Disco Trek OCLV bikes is pretty well saturated. Can't swing a dead cat without hitting somebody on one on a group ride around here. When Lance retires their biggest hook is gone. Blogs good!


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