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RSS for cycling junkies

If you haven't heard about RSS it's an efficient and easy way to receive headlines from your favorite websites and blogs all in one place (learn about RSS). This "place" is your "feed" reader and they come in all sorts of varieties (free and not; I use Feedreader). You can subscribe to as many feeds as you want. Currently, I'm watching about 50-60 feeds (and growing) on a daily basis just to (try) and keep up with things.

Inspired by a great post by Tim Yang, I've adapted a few of his tips to make them specifically appealing to the cycling junkie:

  • Subscribe to Flickr photostream feeds (based on tags) of cycling-related words for a daily dose of inspiration (for example, here's the "bicycles" photostream).
  • Subscribe to you local weather feed at Wunderground.com to decide what to wear before heading out.
  • Subscribe to news search term feeds. For instance, you can subscribe to a Yahoo! News feed of "Giro d' Italia" and receive the latest news instantly.
  • Subscribe to the "bikes" feed of your local craigslist to make sure you don't miss out on a killer deal.
  • Subscribe to Ebay feeds at RSSauction.com of specific sellers, specific keywords, etc...
  • There's even a guy named Ben Hammersley that has made it possible to use RSS to track your Fedex package...know that's something every true lover of shiny bike parts can appreciate!
RSS is rife with possibilities...now download a reader and have at it. Let me know if you come up with some other cool ideas.


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